Step 1: Stuff Needed

Granola bars,band aids,survival knife,honey,Advil,fishing line,fishing grubs,pencil,box

Step 2: Food

Step 3: Pain Pills

Step 4: Pain Pills

Step 5: Fishing Stuff

Step 6: Honey to Eat

Step 7: Band Aids

Step 8: Second Spool of Fishing Line

Step 9: Knife

Step 10: More Band Aids

Step 11: Done

No add to camping kit and be done
What do you plan to do with line and no hook?
Honey is longest lasting food. People found honey in Egypt from 3000 years ago that's still edible
Please help me I am locked in sainsburys where is the cheese ps I hate cheese
I have the same knife.
I have the same knife.
I got the same knife.

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