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This is a pocket size survival kit that you should take every where you go. In your car or your pocket, back pack, B.O.B, just take it as a extra advantage over almost any situation. It's water proof and air tight. And almost every thing in it you can get at any surplus store or big 5. Now a list of what you will need -10ft 550 cord (paracord) -1 sucrets can (altodes) -small pliers or pocket knife -magnesium bar cut into a 1/8 size -waterproof matches and a book of matches cut down to a 1/2 book -iodine tablets 2 or 4 -iodized salt (or table salt in little bag -1x1 square feet of aluminum foil. Fouled into a 1x1 inch square -2 razor blades with tape over the sharp end -tweezers -4 to 8 band aides -snare or trip wire wound up into a 1 inch bundle -20 feet of 20 pound test fishing line -1 .22lr cartridge -4 aspirin -1 alcazar -2 prices of 3 feet duct tape -1 5 foot pice of electrical tape (to seal the can)


OutdoorKid (author)2014-09-25

Do you realize that we can't see any of your items due to poor picture quality?

Mattakers (author)2014-03-18

I like altodes, don't you?

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