Picture of Survival Kit/ Ideas
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Step 1: The Kit

Picture of The Kit
Your kit should be small and compact, so it can fit just about anywhere. Another good thing to consider when making a survival kit is that if you can boil water or cook in it like mine is. Most people forget about it but it can be one on the most useful things you need.

Step 2: Sealing

Picture of Sealing
Mine is sealed with about a foot of duck tape width wise, and about 5 feet of electrical tape. The tapes can be used for just about anything, especially can be used for bandages.

Step 3: Fishing

Picture of Fishing
Under hear I have different sized hooks (three small, a medium, and a large) anti-bite steel fishing line for by the hook, a few weights, a large about of line around the run of the top.

Step 4: Flashlight

Picture of Flashlight
Here is a keychain flashlight with more duck tape covering it.

Step 5: Tool

Picture of Tool
A multi tool can be used for many things, especially the pliers and knife.

Step 6: Second Tool

Picture of Second Tool
This is another tool, but it has a knife, file, and scissors.

Step 7: Lighter

Picture of Lighter
The same tool has a butane lighter inside of it for fire stating. Moral is a huge thing with survival so that all hope is not lost.


Picture of FREETIME
THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!! Boredom is a leading cause of failing of survival because you start to lose moral without anything to do. Buy a dollar pack of small cards to keep you busy when you are not doing anything.

Step 9: Signaling

Picture of Signaling
Besides a signal fire, a whistle is very important. It can make people finding you easier to get to you. When in trouble blow it three times every 2 minutes without a reply.

Step 10: Duck tape

Picture of Duck tape
This can be used for anything, and is very important.

Step 11: First Aid

Picture of First Aid
This is a small kit for minor injuries when you are surviving, this includes bandages, gauze, and an alcohol pad.

Step 12: Legos

Picture of Legos
These are very good fire starters and burn for a while. If you really get bored you can play with them even though they are not that big.

You need a compass to keep from going in circles, a heat reflecting blanket to protect against exposure, and a survival straw to prevent dehydration.

deathsaw1 year ago

nice , pretty impressive . try making a model 2.0 that has a solar panel in it for a mobile phone witch might save your life if you can find a signal . also having a cheap mobile phone would be useful in it . otherwise brilliant .

Schmidty162 years ago
Looks better than most