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When putting together a survival kit it is important to get everything you need, but at the same time you want to travel light and not carry too much. This paracord bracelet can carry many of the things you might need in a survival situation all on your wrist, no bigger than a watch.

This bracelet is a survival kit containing:
-fishing line
-electrical tape
-fishing hooks
-fishing swivels
-zip ties

Step 1: Materials

This part is up to you. A survival kit can contain whatever suits you best. Choose wisely though, because there is very limited space inside this bracelet, and if you are in a survival situation, this among your other gear can be the only things you have to stay alive.
I like how you added the knife! I didn't think about that when i made mine.
<p>knife would be good, even that size. Most of us carry a good knife tho. I tried getting a P38 can opener wrapped in tape into one, as it can be a knife, plus the corners can be screwdrivers. But it was kinda wide to fit inside.</p>
<p>how do i put fishing hooks in it?</p>
<p>Nice, will try this<br>anyone wants to make instructable for survival kit inside paracord grenade keychaine plz?</p>
Core= 200lb<br>One inner strand= 50lb<br>So you aren't making it stronger or weaker. I had an idea that you could use to have a striker in the para cord with the wire. If you shorten the wire and and put it back in, then you could slip in a small striker. You might have to shave the edges to make it fit though.
<p>and if you make it with firecord you have tinder</p>
<p>Very well thought out, a great idea. Think I'm going to try making this myself.</p>
<p>i love this idea im going to make this ! </p>
<p>great job</p>
Those are very good points! Thanks!
<p>Thanks for sharing!</p><p>I would think that in survival situations, swivels are more of a luxery since that short a line is not likely to twist that much but to split shots sinkers would be more appreciated.</p><p>Also, why not use the inner strings already in the paracord casing to pull your fishing line in as you remove the strings.</p>
Those are a great addition!
<p>cool bracelet made one like it and it almost never leaves my wrist also put glow tape and retro reflectors on the buckle it rocks</p>
<p>I would just stick to useing the inner strands as fishing line but I didn't think of the snare wire, good job!</p>
<p>stupid because u can see all the stuf dirt a der </p>
Thanks for the suggestion
<p>I really wouldn't suggest putting your hook inside the electrical tape. Fish dont like the smell of adhesives from my experience. </p>
you could tape the striker into the middle i tried it and it worked perfectly
Looks great it's awesome because you can wear it like a normal bracelet until you really need it then you have everything right there on your wrist
I did it and it came out awesome
I checked the Internet XD I like your idea for he striker :)
Well what I wanted to do was have a striker with holes drilled into the side looped into the knots of the paracord just like the swivels I also wanted to have a wire saw on the inside with the other supplies. Also I think what you are saying about the strength is right and the most accurate yet
Thanks, I hope it turns out great!
ive been planning on making one of these, I want to have some different things than you included, but you also gave me a few ideas
paracord holds 550 pds of weight by removing the strands it weakens the overall strength because the outer layer must hold more weight I've done the math each inner strand holds aprx. 75 pounds
It tried using the core strands to pull through the fishing line through but it wasn't as easy as it sounds the method I used was just the easiest method I found.
Actually, there are seven core strands in the paracord, each can hold about 20-30 pounds. The fishing I used can hold up to 50 pounds, so when I replaced all seven strands, it actually makes it stronger.
The problem is that you compromise para cord strength when you remove the core strands. Maybe the fishing line makes up for it, I could be an idiot.
<p>You might use the core to pull the fishing line in one end, when you pull it out the other.</p>
<p>I saw a youtube video for a fishing paracord bracelet but the guy recommended the braided 10-20 lb test line because the monofilament will curl up if you wear the bracelet for any length of time before needing it, making the fishing line basically useless. What has been your experience with the monofilament? This guy was the Intense Angler and he's got a show and all that so I was kinda curious when I saw your setup - especially the way you installed it in the bracelet. He wraps it repeatedly around the core so you can have as much footage as you want to put on the core so that could be the difference. I like what you include in yours - I thought including swivels was better than just the hooks so I was pleasantly surprised when you had swivels. Your design looks nice.</p>
Yea that's the general idea I wanted to use.
Check out &quot;Wazoo wearable survival kits&quot;. Maybe you could incorporate the fire steel idea.
Maybe, I've never personally used them so I don't really know exactly how big they are. Some might work, but really flat stuff works best with this, anything else makes a bulge in the bracelet. Also, different knots may work best for this, I've only used the cobra knot so far. But that's a great idea, the point of this bracelet is to have some of the important things you might need in the wilderness without carrying too much supplies. Purification tablets would be a great thing to have!
Really awesome! Would there be a way to cram in water purification tablets?
Well done man you got my vote all the way

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