Urban Survival Kit Inside a Pill Bottle





Introduction: Urban Survival Kit Inside a Pill Bottle

Hey guys!

This instructable was made for the purpose of surviving while being compact. I wanted to make a kit that would be no bigger than a pill bottle because a pill bottle can fit in the pocket and is durable enough to withstand most aspects of nature. This kit is more of an urban survival kit than a wilderness one.

Step 1: Whats Inside

The contents of this survival kit are:

  • Pencil: For making quick notes
  • Plastic bag: Used to hold the medicines inside the kit so that they are less affected by water
  • 2 Flosspicks: For picking teeth
  • 2 Q-Tips: For cleaning ears
  • Money: For food, water, or any other needs
  • Pill Bottle: To hold contents of kit. This bottle is also wrapped in electrical tape just in case you need to bandage something up. Can be replaced with duct tape if you wish
  • Antibiotic Ointment: For cleaning up any scrapes or cuts you get
  • 5 Matches w/ Strike Strip: For starting fires. You can also swap out these matches for strike-anywhere matches or even waterproof matches if you will be in a wet environment
  • Piece of gum: Used either for freshening breath or holding something together
  • 2 Paper Clips: For holding together paper or used as metal wire to hold items together
  • Napkin: To be used as a wipe or as a substitute for gauze. Can be replaced with gauze
  • 3 Antacids: Used for upset stomachs
  • Band-aid: For minor scraps or cuts
  • 2 Ibuprofen: Used as a pain reliever
  • 2 Alcohol Pads: Used as a cleaner for cuts,scrapes, or burns

Things that I wanted to include:

  • Small blade: For cutting things
  • Crayon: Used as a candle or writing utensil
  • Fishing hook w/ line (Thanks gm280 for this recommendation!)
  • Fingernail Clippers

You can add or subtract anything you want from these items but this is what I believe to be important for a kit. This kit is designed for outdoor uses and also general uses if you are out in public like at school or at work.

Step 2: Putting Everything Inside

The hardest part of this kit in my opinion is putting everything inside. I started with the wipes, Band-aid, and the ointment, then put the pencil wrapped with the napkin and money next. Then I put the Antacids, Ibuprofen, and paper clips in the cap section which made more room for stuff inside the bottle. Finally I put the gum, Q-Tips, matches w/ strike strip, and flosspicks last. Every time I put something inside this bottle something shifted which made it hard to keep everything in place.

Step 3: Conclusion

After all of that, the kit is finished. Fairly simple to do and will only take you a max of 15 minutes to do. Hope you enjoy!



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    Suggestion to use or lose: Very Important Numbers in case you lose your phone or some such (like, a tow service).

    This is simple and small as it should be for the urban area. The idea is to get from somewhere, work for example, to home when something crazy happens. You have enough here to make it overnight and keep warm. Two suggestions, to all who keep cash in such kits; break your bills down in smaller units, ones and fives. You may need a simple meal of two pieces of fruit, no sense in offering a $20 for it. Add 2 or three post-its for notes of your planned destination and route. Excellent post!!

    1 reply

    Thanks! I would have broken the bills down more but that was all that was on me at the time. The Post-It note idea is a good idea as well.

    One thing I've thought about with pill bottles is making it water tight. I thought about a washer or O-ring that fits in the top of the cap so it seals the bottle and keeps matches, etc dry.

    1 reply

    i would suggest not putting money with medical stuff. otherwise cool

    1 reply

    Thanks for your feedback! I understand your point of having medical supplies with money, but this kit was for my own personal uses and you can put anything you want in the bottle! I just gave my example of what to put inside of it but you can put your own twist on it

    Seems your "Survival Kit" is for more of an urban area and not necessarily the forest or wooded area. Otherwise you missed one very important thing and that is a fish hook and some line. The pill bottle is a good use container. Only wish you could get them in an oval shape instead of round. An oval shape fits better in your pocket. But it is a good post all the same. Thumbs Up.

    1 reply

    Thanks for the feedback! You are right about how this is more of an urban survival kit than a wilderness one. Ill make some tweaks!