As my user name indicates I take a budgeted approach to survival. Check out my creative survival kits and more at my YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/BudgetBugout
Altoids Survival Kit 2.0 style
Setting up shelter, making a fire and signaling for help are just a few of the capabilities that this subcompact survival kit provides. So small and light you won't even know it's there... Until you need it!
Boot Survival Kit style
Always have a survival kit on you with this creative method of incorporating the survival essentials into your boots!
The Compact Zombie Apocalypse Bag style
Hold onto your brains longer with this fun instructable!
Neck Survival Kit style
Arguably the most important survival tool is a knife, so why not attach the rest of your survival kit essentials to the sheath, and why not hang that survival kit around your neck? Well this kit did!
A Comprehensive Altoids Personal Survival/Everyday Carry Tin style
Version 1.0 of one of the most useful survival kit on Instructables!
This light and compact bag offers the essentials and more for both EDC and bugout scenarios! Take a look!