Hello everbody.   This instructable will teach how to make a survival necklace.    So if you ever get lost in the widlerness you'll be glad you have this.   So enough talking let's get started.

Step 1: Supplies

Items you'll need:

     1. Paracord - length needs to around 6ft ( I forgot to measure before hand).
     2. Lighter
     3. Sciscors or other cutting tool
     4. Way to attach both ends of necklace.
     5. Carabiner or keychain ( I suggest carabiner because you can take items off easily).
     6. Survival items- I used Light my Fire-Scout, 5ft of extra paracord, Jet Scream, MIni light, Compass w/ whistle, etc.
        (You can add extra items as you will).

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Bio: I like hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, shooting, Xbox 360, cooking, and trying to make stuff.
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