Survival Para-chord Taken a Step Further





Introduction: Survival Paracord Knife Handle Wrap Taken a Step Further.

Ok. Haven't posted in a while plus I've been playing around with paracord. I wrapped the handle of one of my camp knives. (Crappy Colman, cheap enough to experiment with) I got a wrap that I liked but knew if the cord was for potential survival purposes more could be done...

Step 1: 1

By adding around about a meter and a half of bailing wire to either end of the wrapped knife handle you drastically increase the resources available to you in a survival situation. Bailing wire could be incredibly useful when paired with paracord.

Step 2: 2

I'm not going to give you a step by step. It's a pretty simple concept and I feel anyone that bothered to check this post out can figure it out.

Step 3: 3

The one piece of advice I do have is to make sure the wire is pulled tough and follows the contour of the wrap as closely as possible. This makes sure the grip is still sturdy and the knife is safely functional while still wrapped.

Step 4: 4

Good luck. Have fun. Paracord + extra features is something I plan on exploring. I will post as the ideas come. Thanks for reading



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    The knife looks cool, but after reading, I have no clue how to make it. Could you please add a step by step for wrapping the Paracord? Thanks!

    Me neither, Cap. It would be interesting, though.

    Thanks. And I will do that. The instruct able was more about adding the bailing wire to the already wrapped handle but I'm working on more stuff to post with paracord so I will add one about this wrap

    Cool, there are probably a number of things you could store between the paracord and the knife handle as well.

    (By the way, if you want liam.plybon.3 to get your response, you have to click the reply button like I have. Otherwise he won't see it unless he comes back here to check.)