Survival Porta Potty





Introduction: Survival Porta Potty

We now know how to make an emergency stove, purify water and many other survival tactics. The next one to come to my mind of day to day life is going to the bathroom! So I will create an instructable, fairly simple on how to make a porta potty for emergency situations. Thank you for viewing.

You need:
- A Trashcan, fairly low to the ground and sturdy!
- Plastic bags, RECYCLED grocery bags are a plus
- Disinfectant to clean your apparatus, such as Lysol or Bleach
- Toilet Paper
-Reading material?



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I have read that wood ashes are good for "that kind of" cover-up & disposal. Good reason to have a supply on hand! Put a generous scoop in your apparatus & bag; then have more to add whenever it needs to be added to. Sounds like a good plan to me.

Another technique for dealing with (Ahem!), body wastes, is building a cabinet with a large hole on top. A toilet seat could be attached on the top for comfort. Inside the cabinet a large pail with some sawdust or pet litter. Every time is used, the toilet is "flushed" by dumping more sawdust or pet litter inside the pail. When the pail is too full you can dig a hole and bury it or dispose it in the trash depending of the circumstances. Since water sometimes becomes scarce in an emergency, this system works because it does not require water.

In emergency situations, Disaster restoration crews are used to waste and other Hazmat being buried in those big black garbage bags, then being marked above ground... so it can later be dug up and disposed of properly.