Introduction: Materials

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Soda Can
Packing Tape
Fishing Line

Step 1: Line

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Get about 12 feet of line

Step 2: Putting the Line on the Can

Picture of Putting the Line on the Can

Tie the line on the tab of the can. I used a clinch knot

Step 3: Keeping It From Getting Tangled

Picture of Keeping It From Getting Tangled

Put a piece of packing tape on the can to keep it from getting tangled.

Step 4: Wrap It Up!

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Wrap the line around the can leaving some room for tackle

Step 5: Put Tackle On

Picture of Put Tackle On

Put your tackle on and start casting! If you are confused on how to cast, Think of it like a spinning reel. Hold the can, while casting like a regular rod


MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-10-05

Nice design! Thanks for sharing!

sandystarr28 (author)2014-10-05

That's a good idea. My first question was "why not just use the line and tackle by itself? " but then realized that sometimes you might have to cast out a bit to get in a better fishing spot. I will have to remember this the next time I go fishing and screw up my reel.

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