Picture of Survival Spear And Gear
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Step 1:

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Small dowel or strait piece of wood
Small piece of rope
Tin foil
Pencil bag
Large nail
Altoids tin
Fishing line
Assorted fish lures
Grip tape

Step 2:

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Get the grip tape and wrap it around the bottom of the stick/dowel then put the rope through a pencil bag hole then tape it on the stick

Step 3:

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Tape ziptie or whatever fits your style the large nail to the front of the stick now it's a spear:)

Step 4:

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You can make a custom fishing kit or a simple one like me just line hooks and bobber

Step 5:

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Now for a cooking kit have some tinfoil but for a meat rub put a bit of salt and pepper then the rosemary in a ziplock bag

Step 6:

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Now just put all the gear in the pencil bag and u got a awsome kit u can add what u want like a first aid kit or trapping kit

Ps I am not liable for anything you do with this so be careful and don't be stupid
survival instincts (author) 1 year ago
Good idea
Mattakers1 year ago
No water purification methods?