Introduction: Survival Stove

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Step 1: Materials

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Materials: Two cans, box cutter, screw or push pin

Step 2: Cutting

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Cut off the bottoms equally and put one inside of the other. I sanded mine because I didn't feel like having v8 on the side of my stove.

Step 3: Holes

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Get one big hole in the middle and many small ones on the side

Step 4: Use It

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I had to put a fuse on it cause I couldn't get the liquid lit with the matches. Have fun, and Good luck!!


MadMyche (author)2013-09-30

You are missing the main ingredient: fuel.

The included pictures do show some paper, but you mention a wick because you were having problems lighting the liquid.

Maybe a link to a gelled-alcohol recipe would be a good thing

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