Survival Straws





Introduction: Survival Straws

This is an instructables about a very small, discreet, watertight survival tool that can be made for a couple cents. I have used them and they are almost flawless! Hopefully they will help in all of your camping endeavours.  

Step 1: Supplies

1. Plastic disposable straw
2. filler of your choice (cotton wad, triple antibiotics, food seasonings, etc.)
3. Long thin object (screwdrivers, pencil, etc)
4. pliers
5. match or lighter
6. scissors

Step 2: Step One

First, take the straw and cut it in to about 2 in. lengths (this can be varied depending on how much stuff you want to put in).

Step 3: Step Two

Second, crimp the straw on one side with the pliers leaving about an eighth of an inch of hang over. Then take the match or lighter and slightly melt the straw. Remove the heat and hold tight with the pliers for 30 seconds to a minute. 

Step 4: Step Three

In my example I use a cotton wad for a fire starter. Take the wad and pull a small piece off. Then, use your long skinny object to shove it down into the tube. Repeat until full with about a 1/4 inch left over.

Step 5: Step Four

Use the pliers and matches to crimp and seal the other side. Voila! it's done! Get creative with your filler ideas and let me know about them! Happy camping.

Step 6: Five

Here are some of the ones that I have made!



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    I used two straws with only one end sealed on each straw. Then I put whatever I want to put inside in and fit one straw over the other so It's reusable.

    You could even use 2 whole straws to store really long items like 20" long.

    Great idea! Put needles, other hard objects, in them, then you can double-straw them like you said, maybe even tape it w/reusable tape to seal & unseal and reseal as needed. :)

    no after you put the stuff inside seal the other end like the first :-)

    I was just thinking, it would be good for maple syrup, if you got lost, survival food, great instructable.!

    Or Honey! Keep some in your car in case someone has a low blood sugar attack. Or you want to attract bees. Or bees with low blood sugar attacks.

    I will have to try this some time

    just put the cotton in the same tube as the match, now its all in one. What a great instructable, great idea.

    how r u supposed to open it when u need to use the contents?