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This is an instructables about a very small, discreet, watertight survival tool that can be made for a couple cents. I have used them and they are almost flawless! Hopefully they will help in all of your camping endeavours.  

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
1. Plastic disposable straw
2. filler of your choice (cotton wad, triple antibiotics, food seasonings, etc.)
3. Long thin object (screwdrivers, pencil, etc)
4. pliers
5. match or lighter
6. scissors
Meow201520 days ago

I will have to try this some time

chrisnotap1 year ago

I was just thinking, it would be good for maple syrup, if you got lost, survival food, great instructable.!

chrisnotap1 year ago

just put the cotton in the same tube as the match, now its all in one. What a great instructable, great idea.

kpl20132 years ago
how r u supposed to open it when u need to use the contents?

a knife, you shouldn't ever go with out one! :-)

Or if you seal the straws with the ends perpindicular to each other, you can squeeze one end and pop it open.

sarhoton1 year ago

anyone interested I found the 3/8 dia. straws at Kmart, in the pots and pans section.

jmwells1 year ago
Make some homemade Pixie Styx. Energy boost in a small package.
fezzerlyn1 year ago
I put the red pepper flakes you get free with pizzas in it. Also any free condiment i can get i put in straws. Makes them last longer and so easy to throw in day pack or camping or go bag.
What is it used for?

storing small amounts of stuff you might use, antibiotics, spices, wd-40, matches,etc :-)

krmncrckr2 years ago
I used two straws with only one end sealed on each straw. Then I put whatever I want to put inside in and fit one straw over the other so It's reusable.

no after you put the stuff inside seal the other end like the first :-)

Little tip if your gonna put as gelatinous substance in the tube don't seal either end until you put the substance inside, trust me it will be easier with out getting into the science behind why.Great inscrutable though I use this for keeping various spices and fluids on me such as hot sauce for taco bell.

Mattakers1 year ago
What's it used for?
Reiff2 years ago
Why do I love this idea, it's just so simple, convenient,and affective. In fact, I think I'm going to go do that just now. Bye
indywave2 years ago
How about a ballon air dryer
afathman (author) 2 years ago
It can be used to hold fire starters, food seasonings or any other camping necessity!
kylekosan232 years ago
What do u do with it