Picture of Survival Supply Keychain
This is a simple key chain with a few supplies wrapped up in a small para chord key chain. The supplies could be used in a pinch when camping or hiking, although you hope you never need to! It contains a few feet of rope, a small knife, fishing line, fishing hook, and a  strike anywhere match.
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
For this project you will need:
small pocket knife (I used a small swiss army knife that contains a small knife, scissors, file, tweezers and toothpick)
Fishing Line (I used about 10 feet)
Fishing Hook
Strike anywhere match
Sandwich Bag (not shown in photo)
Rope of your choice (Depending on the size of the knife you use length will vary. I used about 15ft, but had a lot of excess. about 6 ft would have been fine.)
Key Ring (not shown)

2nd knife or scissors (for trimming excess rope)
Lighter (to burn rope ends)

Step 2: Step 1

Picture of Step 1
Begin by cutting the corner out of the ziplock bag so that the match fits inside and can be wrapped up. This will help keep the match dry. Tie the fishing line to the fishing hook.

Step 3: Step 2

Picture of Step 2
Place the match wrapped in the plastic and the hook on the knife, and tightly wrap them both to the knife with the fishing line tied to the hook. The hook will act as an anchor. once wrapped tuck the end away so that the line does not come undone. I tucked the end of my line between the match and knife.

Step 4: Step 3

Picture of Step 3
Cut your rope to the desired length, I cut mine to about 15ft, and use the lighter to burn the ends so that they do not unravel.

Find the center of your rope by folding it in half. take the center and insert it through the small keyring on the knife. Then feed the loose ends through the loop of rope just created. Pull the loose ends until the knot is tight.

you have used paracord instead of rope, it has many uses.

wilf1 year ago
Great project - but have you tried to board a plane with it?
CSI worker1 year ago
poofrabbit1 year ago
Hey congratulations on being a finalist in the weekend projects contest! This was a really neat idea, I've seen a great deal of survival kits but this I believe is the first key chain I've seen. Well done and good luck!
darman121 year ago
Neat idea, thanks.
Nicely done! I think I'll share this with my Scouts.
cdveltri (author)  reallyreally1 year ago
Thanks! this would definitely be an easy and useful project for a meeting.
Think I'll crank out a few of these to give to my brothers at Chrstmastime. Good idea & execution.
cdveltri (author)  steveofthenw1 year ago
Good idea! I'm all about making gifts for family!
wobbler1 year ago
I like it!

Having gone out without any cash last week, I'd also suggest adding a folded up banknote for when you get lost in the urban jungle.
cdveltri (author)  wobbler1 year ago
haha one of these could be easily tailored for an urban jungle as well! thanks!
koehlerrk1 year ago
Not bad... but might I make one little suggestion? Instead of wrapping the match in a plastic baggie, why not dip it in melted wax to make the match truly waterproof. You can scrape the wax off the end with your fingernail to light it, and the wax will help it burn a little bit longer, giving you an advantage in starting a fire.
cdveltri (author)  koehlerrk1 year ago
If I were to keep using the match that is a better way of water proofing it, but the flint rod that multiple people have suggested seems easier to me. Thanks for your thoughts!
ecardinal1 year ago
Very nice neat package, well documented. It would be interesting to have a bit more cord (maybe continue the tie like a lanyard a bit further?) but kudos nonetheless.
cdveltri (author)  ecardinal1 year ago
Thats not a bad idea. Its possible to double over your knots more times as well instead of just going down then back up. Thanks!
hawgnutz1 year ago
Very nice. I will be including a magnesium/flint fire starter to mine. It is not that much bigger and will allow me to start a fire much more efficiently than ONE match!
cdveltri (author)  hawgnutz1 year ago
The flint is a good idea, a couple people have suggested it to me now. This first one I made was just some supplies I had laying around to get the idea out there. Thanks for your input though!
sideswipe21 year ago
i would add more fish line since it only covers half the knife,and a fire starter kit ,small rod with scraper would not make much more weight
cdveltri (author)  sideswipe21 year ago
Yea more fishing line would not have been hard to fit. The next one I make I plan to learn from my mistakes and everyones comments. Thanks!
Ravirar1 year ago
Awesome! This is the coolest keychain I've seen! Keep it up!

Would you mind if I used this in one my own Instructables?
cdveltri (author)  Ravirar1 year ago
Thats fine! please just be sure to give me credit.
Good one! I'm all for travelling light.
Suggestion: Why use a belt to keep your pants up? It weighs, and is good for the one thing only. Why not make a paracord plaited belt, which will hold many yards of cord, and can be used for multi other purposes. You can still keep your pants up with a yard or two left over!
mth36721 year ago
Take the lighter instead of the match or the flint!
wdsims631 year ago
Wow. Best idea for paracord survival knot. It's like an attractive survival pack all wrapped up in itself. Great write up. Thanks!
gymno pro1 year ago
Pretty cool : )
That's awesome! Great way to carry around your supplies and keep your paracord handy :)
Petergottm1 year ago
That's awesome!
cdveltri (author)  Petergottm1 year ago
Thank you!
ben77981 year ago
I like your idea, but only one match? Might be a good idea to include at least a few more since they don't take up much room.
cdveltri (author)  ben77981 year ago
Yea more matches would definitely be helpful, but i liked the idea JMRaphael had above of using a flint rod instead of matches. Thanks for your input!
kleofas1 year ago
so u must unwrap every time u want to use a knife?
cdveltri (author)  kleofas1 year ago
Like Charlemagne7 said above, its not meant to be used regularly, just a back up for emergencies. Thanks for looking!
JMRaphael1 year ago
This is a pretty neat idea. If I might recommend, though, since you're talking about using this in outdoor survival, it would be better to use a small flint sparker in place of matches. You can use the pocket knife instead of the little piece of steel they typically come with. Additionally, a couple of safety pins work in place of the fish hook and can serve many purposes besides just fishing. This is a unique design, with the packet wrapped in the paracord, and I like it a lot. Good work!
cdveltri (author)  JMRaphael1 year ago
Thank you! I do like the idea of the flint instead of the matches. There are countless combinations of things that can be wrapped up inside, but thanks for your input!
It's not a regular use knife. It's for emergencies.
Agreed. At least five matches.