With current medical research continuing at alarming rates it seems to be inevitible that someday there will be an outbreak of some crazy virus that will cause the dead to rise and the living to be fodder for the ravenous hoard of undead. What will you do on Z -day? Head for the hills or stage dive into a crowd of awaiting zombies? For those of you who want to go out with a bang, I suggest reading on.

Step 1: Day 1

The infection starts. If your lucky you hear about it on the TV before you notice your neighbor lumbering around his yard, gnawing on his own hand. The first thing you must do is size up your opponent. Are they fast zombies that can run as fast or faster than you? Or are they the Shawn of the Dead comically slow zombies? If they are fast zombies I would say you are screwed, but being they are deteriorating reanimated bodies, I will assume they are slow zombies. Now you need to determine what is the game plan.
<p>This is so cool, the first store il go to is the gun store and truck store, if there ever will be a zombie epocolips, il make an army with my friends.</p>
I've heard a nerf gun shot to the head will kill a zombie
on step 3:U MADE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
how about perry mason by ozzy?
In my situation, buck knives are plentiful (as well as axes and farming equipment, man my house was dangerous as a kid Xp). We carry a basic supply of: a couple shotguns, but shells are large and limit carrying capacity; hunting rifles with scopes, moderate ammo capacity and have great range of fire for delaying impending hordes; .22 target-shooting rifles, vast ammo capacity but small caliber so well-placed shots are needed. Of course all of these make noise and attract attention, but the 22 is quietest &amp; is only audible at up to a mile in forested landscape. Silencers can be made simple, but only specially-made military-grade ones are a quiet POP POP POP like in the movies, general silencers just limit the loud BANG and lessen the audible range. Of all guns, the .22 is quietest and effective with good shots (if you're a bad shot, just dont even carry a gun). Guns themselves though should take a backseat to quiet hand weapons and only be used if spotted by a horde.
My lil V8 pickup gets 21mpg and its a great offroader. Remember, the roads in or near the cities will be flooded with cars from people bottlenecking out of the city, so the only usable motor vehicles will be light 4x4 trucks/SUV's or motorcycles. When considering lone survival or fuel consumption, the motorcycle would be best choice. Just remember that it cant carry much extra fuel, and most often its louder than most small trucks.
Why does everyone stay in the city? I live in the country, and our area is perfect for warding off an attack or avoiding an impending one.
Come on guys, Eye of the Tiger, everyone has to agree with Mr.Cool. Or, maybe, 10,000 fists in the air, can't remember who it's by, sorry.
it is by &quot;disturbed&quot; isn't it.<br><br>p.s. great song although i can't really remember the words
you left out warpaint and a bandanna. Gotta look cool while doing it!
what if....... you walk around pretending to be a zombie? how would they tell you apart?
NEVER BE AFRAID OF ZOMBIES.... unless its chuck norris or micheal jackson if its micheal, your gonna be raped if its chuck norris we're all screwed
no if its michel we will all be analy but raped and if its chuck well get aour asses kicked lol
So either way our asses are screwed.
Sad, but true.<br />
not as Sgt. Niesen says so Chuck Norris lives in my town and I have seen him eating lunch and at the libraiy
Michal Jakson already died... were already in danger!!!!
michal jackson looked like a zombie before he died, so i would say we are totally screwed.
What if Micheal and Chuck fused.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; =0<br />
If it's Chuck Norris, our asses will kick themselves.<br />
<p>If you see Chuck Norris zombie your dead. He can roundhouse kick you yesterday.</p>
<p>LOL Chuck Norris died 5 years ago, but death didn't have the courage to tell him.</p>
If Bruce Lee came and fused with Chuck Norris....Oh god....oh god......
No offense, but it'll never happen. Once ur dead your brain cells die and than your neurons die and ur flesh and cells. Once the brain is dead, there's nothing to send messages to neurons. Viruses also are not living. They are made mainly of protein, and are not prokaryotic cellsike bacteria. (They have no DNA or nucleus) It's a. Entertaining guide and all but lacks all facts of reality. The common cold isn't going to raise Abraham Lincoln from the dead and give him a craving for flesh.
And that is EXACTLY what the zombies want you to think, but disciplined logical analysis proves that you are wrong. Consider this, Poindexter, If there was not going to be a zombie apocalypse, why would you try so hard to convince us otherwise? Only someone who knew they were lying would go to the effort to defend their beliefs. Ha! Gotcha! But the most definitive proof that zombies are real is the fact that we have seen them in movies. They could not show them in movies if they were not real now could they? You can't argue with logic and facts!
ever hear that most movies are fake?
maybe some guy had a dream of&nbsp; a virus and sayed &quot;Hay! Thats a good movie idea! Ill make millions...&quot; Life revolves around money.
That's the one zombie thing I can't stand, re-animation. I can completely understand if some super-virus leaks out of some test facility and takes over the people's bodies, but, if it's dead, it's dead.
DON'T YOU DARE SAY THAT. I'm prepared.
Really? It's never gonna happen? Omg the worlds a lie now
gesse ur a sientist or something
believe it or not, gaveyards are safer.&nbsp; if the virus does reach the bodies, they still have a coffin and 6 feet of dirt to get through, and they only have normal human strength to do it with anyways.&nbsp; the true zombie does not have super human power.
9 ft. accualy <br>
maybe but they also dont fell pain or need air...I think so in that sense they could still get out it would just take longer
the perfectzombie killing song is thriller
yeah eye of the tiger would be great.wile you kill zombis i an play eye of the tiger on my guitar.
eye of a tiger perfect for a zombie slaughter montage<br /> <br />
What about what ive done?
blah linkin park. what ive done is their only good song, and i'd prefer something like rammstein or heavy metal, always gives me more energy.
What about ''Kill the zombies by shooting them in the head'<br>Kinds fitting isnt it? might save some lives from close survivors. With a useful tip.<br>Or else what about GET TO THE CHOPPER!<br>Maybe the thiz iz zpartah remix thingeh.<br>Yeh. Rlly.<br>THIZ IZ ZPARTAH
that would be fine to there are so many
What about the song that go's like<br>Its in your heeaad in yar heaad ZOMBEH ZOMBEH EH EH EH<br>I find it kinda fitting.
agreed<br /> <br />
Seconded.<br />
also if you are going to use meele weapons use an ax, steel bat, hammer, shovle or anything longer than a knife.
I cant sing &quot;lucy in the sky with diamonds&quot; on beatles rockband, without choking on laughter...<br />
lol, i was about to agree with this comment ^^^^^<br /> but then i realized, I&nbsp;POSTED&nbsp;IT! i noticed it to late though.......<br />
win. just win.
Just As You Imagined by Nine Inch Nails, my personal favourite for killing.
me and my friend have been planning for four years and this plan can allow us to survive a while. We wouldn't have done all that planning for nothing. so to all of you none-believers, good bloody luck!

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