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Introduction: Survival Tin

These are instructions on how to make a survival tin. Me and my Cousin made one of these over the weekend and it was allot of fun gathering the supplies and putting the kit together. We hope you enjoy our home made survival tin and hopefully it will inspire you to make your own!

Step 1: Step 1.

Start by finding yourself a nice looking, not to large (pocket sized) tin.

Step 2: Step 2.

Then you want to label the inside of the tin lid with what ever information about yourself as you like.
(optional). This is in case you are found unconscious and someone needs to get your details. For safety reasons. We have also added matches and a striker to the lid, to save space in the tin.

Step 3: Step 3.

The fun part!
Gathering the materials together...
This is a basic list of al the things you need for your basic survival tin.
1. Sterile pads, Band Aids, Plasters, Bandage roll.
2. Decent sharp knife.
3. Stanley blades x2.
4. Matches
5. Candles.
6. Button compass.
7. Mini hacksaw blades.
8. Knife sharpener (optional)
9. Cotton wool soaked in petroleum jelly (Lasts a longer flame) (Tinder).
10. Snare wire. (Different gauges)
11. Roll of electrical tape ,and bandage tape.
12.Fishing equipment. e.g ... Hooks, Weights, Fishing line, Fishing spool, Small float.
13. Water filters.
14. Tooth picks.
15. Sewing equipment. e.g ... Needles, Various threads, Safety pins.

Step 4: Step 4.

Now that you have assembled all of your materials, theirs just the small trouble of fitting it all in, We cant tell you exactly how to do this so you are just going to have to sort it out, and figure which way works best for you!

Step 5: Step 5.

And now you are left with the final product.
Your own small (pocket sized) Survival tin.
Hope you enjoyed our instructable!



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    Very well dine kit, looks so professional I could swear you bought it !!! Nice Job.

    I like that you have so many matches. I think I'll add more to my survival kit. If you get a chance to look at mine lemme know what you think! :)

    I have two suggestions: Ditch the matches for a lighter, a bic will light like 600 fires compared to the 20 or so matches you have and is much easier to use, and pack in 20 to 100 dollars in the. It'd be a shame to survive the woods and find a town only to have no money for food, pone calls, and shelter. Otherwise this is a fairly comprehensive bare bones kit.

    Good job. Your kit seems well stocked, and it's definitely better than mine. This really surprised me because I've been trying to get the contents right for about a year.

    y know what, its the only one I've seen that's actually suited to urban(dangerous countries) AND wilderness survival clever use of the lid and electrical insulation tape xD

    I find Old Tobacco tins are perfect (the SAS survival guided recommends them)
    however they are hard to find in normal shops.
    I found that army surplus shops like B.D.R. sell them for about 2 pounds or about 4ish us dollars

     thanks everyone for the nice comments:)

    great idea, though if i may, a small roll of duck tape could come in handy. grgeat 'ible though!