This is how to make a survival wallet out of paracord
please vote for me in the paracord contest

ask any questions if you need

Step 1: Materials

For this you will need:

550 Paracord at least 25 feet-any color
knife or other cutting tool
pencil or pen

Would use duct tape on the outside so i have duct tape in an emergency compared to flimsy tape.
i got tha tsame knife!!! :)
is that the gerber mini paraframe? i recently got one from a gerber survival kit
no it is just the regular gerber paraframe but the mini is also really nice to have around
i use dat nife too its awsome
cool i lost mine but i recenty got a larger sum of money so i think i might buy 2 of them <br>
maybe u can try the gerber quick draw. I've seen it. it's only a little bit shorter, and has a rounder handle, but its supposed to draw realy damn quick.i saw it, but chose the paraframe instead just because it felt better in my hand. the quick draw handle isn't contoured. also, i don't think that the paraframe handle will do anything at all to protect the blade- i left it in my jean pocket, and found it covered in lint. that is horrible for knives blades.
do you NEED tape?<br />
no only if you can find a better way to weave it than me.....i did this very quickally<br />
ok thanks i need to get some more cord, but then ill make this for sure.<br />
ok thanks <br />

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