Step 3: Starting the wallet

now tape down one end of the cord to the paper on one of the lines you made
than pull it to the other line and tape it down there
than go back and tape it down.
than repeat and repeat and repeat untill you get about 35-40( i would say about 40-i only did 31 and it is really short)
after done with that cut the paracord and melt it down

Step 4: Makeing the form stay

now take the the 35-40 strands on the paper and put tape up and down it untill you get close the the taped ends than tape the tape off the ends slowly and carefully to not mess it up. than put more tape close to the ends when done with that than do that to the other side

Step 5: Finishing up

now fold it in half with the tape on the outside.
now tape down the 2 side edges together leaving the top open.
really tape up the edges

now you are done.

it isn't the best wallet and it didn't turn out the way i thought it would

Benelli94122 years ago
Would use duct tape on the outside so i have duct tape in an emergency compared to flimsy tape.
yokxi3 years ago
i got tha tsame knife!!! :)
lilrou154 years ago
is that the gerber mini paraframe? i recently got one from a gerber survival kit
zipzapper859 (author)  lilrou154 years ago
no it is just the regular gerber paraframe but the mini is also really nice to have around
superhornt4 years ago
i use dat nife too its awsome
zipzapper859 (author)  superhornt4 years ago
cool i lost mine but i recenty got a larger sum of money so i think i might buy 2 of them
maybe u can try the gerber quick draw. I've seen it. it's only a little bit shorter, and has a rounder handle, but its supposed to draw realy damn quick.i saw it, but chose the paraframe instead just because it felt better in my hand. the quick draw handle isn't contoured. also, i don't think that the paraframe handle will do anything at all to protect the blade- i left it in my jean pocket, and found it covered in lint. that is horrible for knives blades.
do you NEED tape?
zipzapper859 (author)  Tortured Tacos4 years ago
no only if you can find a better way to weave it than me.....i did this very quickally
ok thanks i need to get some more cord, but then ill make this for sure.
zipzapper859 (author)  Tortured Tacos4 years ago
ok thanks