Cool survival wooden knife made in only 15 minutes

Step 1: Things You Will Need:

Step 2: Cut the Wood

You can decide how much to cut according to how long you want the blade to be.

Step 3: Sharpen and Sand

Step 4: Adjusting the Width

Adjust the width of the bottom of the blade according to the hole in the bamboo.

Step 5: Connect, Glue and String

Connect to the bamboo, adding glue to reinforce it and tie string around it as tight as you can.

Step 6: It Should Look Like This.

Feel free to customize it and comment about them. Stay safe.
<p>Nice job! It's nice that it is so easy to sharpen if it gets dull :)</p>
<p>Wait so you need a regular knife to make a wooden one though :p</p>
But the small pocket knife won't kill an animal easily because it isn't long enough;)
<p>Unless you attach it to a stick to make a spear ! </p>
<p>well then if you are surviving with someone else u could give him this wooden one and you keep the other metal pocket knife to yourself or this could just be a secondary knife just in case u loose the pocket knife or even brake it.</p>
<p>I cant imagine this holds an edge very well? But then again, Its easy to sharpen</p>
<p>Forgot to say, Well made. I'd rather have this than nothing if I was stranded and needed a tool/weapon</p>
Good luck finding glue in the wild... trying to &quot;survive&quot; and all...
<p>have you ever heard of wax in the forest it's quiet easy to found </p>
<p>Actually, I've made some pretty awesome glue from tree sap! Glue is probably one of the easiest substances to obtain without basic tools.</p><p>Thanks for wishing all of us good luck though!</p>
Glue is there to reinforce so you don't need to follow that step, because if the bamboo and stick fit tightly you won't have problems.
<p>Hey, if you run into a rude and inconsiderate Vampire while lost in the woods you will be fixed up to deal with it. Pointy sticks are an old school way to protect yourself from a lot of critters. Nice job. </p>
<p>Well done. dan3008, if you fire harden the blade, it hold an edge surprisingly well (depending on the type of wood of course).</p>

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