Introduction: Survival Brush Axe

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Zombies,aliens,massive bugs? Whatever your disaster is,be prepared. Here is how to make a survival hachet.

So,first you want to find a tool that

  • has function(more than one if possible)
  • Is light enough to haul around
  • has a handle you can wrap paracord around
  • does not have a full length blade(like a machete)

Step 1: The Hatchet

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I actually made my tool,so it was kind of made for this and it fits everything very nicely into the angle iron that is the frame of the tool(I can show a how to make that if wanted). Later I also might grind the teeth off of the blade so I can put an edge on to. Here is the stuff in the handle.

  • knife that is thinish(homemade)
  • 7 band-aids
  • A flash light on the lanyard
  • matches
  • dryer lint(in a bag with matches)
  • Trash bag(for shelter)
  • paracord

Step 2: Wrapping the Frame

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first you take your knife(this is why it's thin)and put it on the handle. Then take you band-aids and put those on,then the matches/lint put that on. Now take your trash bag and wrap it around all that,take paracord and wrap it around that.

Step 3: Closing

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now take a look at the hatchet that I've made. Really,the saw is not very useful,it just looks cool. All it can do is chop zombies. I'll be taking the teeth off soon and it will be so much more useful. Well there it is how to make a survival brush hatchet. how would you pack a hatchet like this,let me know.


gman47 (author)2014-08-31

why is there a chinken

ccgeek (author)2014-08-24

no more extra step ta-da thanks!

MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-08-24

Nicely explained! Here's and instructable on how to use the editor so that you can get rid of that extra step:

Thanks for sharing!

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