Survival Kit in a Stick


Introduction: Survival Kit in a Stick

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Hello everybody, this is an idea that I made up for a gift. It is a survival kit in a stick with a para cord wrap on the out side   

tell me if you like it, or ways to make it better and subscribe   

Survival kit in a stick

Contents and uses


Aluminum foil

Can be used as a device for signaling help. Cooking food, fixing gear etc.




Starting a fire, melting Para cord ,etc.


Para cord

Building a shelter, fishing, making a raft, etc.


Duct tape

making a patch, fixing gear, etc.


One gallon zip lock bag

Collecting food or water, keeping stuff dry ,etc.


Band Aids

Protecting cuts etc.


Inner tube

Starting a fire, making rubber bands etc.


Electrical tape

Fixing things, connecting things, etc.



Hanging a pan and other hot things that rope will not work with etc.


Razor blade

is on the out side of the tube and is wrapped with tape; Cutting things, etc.

Do not open the stick unless you need to or you will break the seal


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