Introduction: Survival Knife 2

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It's my second attempt to make knifes. I use Uddeholm Arne tool steel, 6mm thick.

Step 1: Grinding

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I used Uddeholm Arne tool steel, 6mm thick. But the knife should be about 4.4 mm thick, so it should be ground.

Step 2: Design the Blade

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Step 3: Shape of the Knife

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Cut the blade with an angle grinder

Step 4: Finishing the Blade

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Finish the final shape of the blade with a twin grinder and dremel

Step 5: Hardening and Tempering the Steel

Heat the metal to a medium-high orange heat, until the steel becomes non-magnetic. Just tap it against the magnet while it's glowing, and if it doesn't stick, it's ready. Then plunge it into the oil bath. After that, choose the tempering temperature according to the hardness required by reference to the tempering graph. Temper twice with intermediate cooling to room temperature. Lowest tempering temperature 180°C (360°F). Holding time at temperature minimum 2 hours. (PB_Uddeholm_arne_english.pdf)

Step 6: Final Shape, Paracord Knife Wrap

Picture of Final Shape, Paracord Knife Wrap

The final shape of the knife

Step 7: Acid Etch Metal

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I used Ferric Chloride for the etching


seamster (author)2014-09-26

Very nicely done!

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