Survival Knife





Introduction: Survival Knife

My first knife !!!

Step 1: Shape of the Knife

I used Uddeholm Arne tool steel, 6mm thick

Step 2: Drilling


Step 3: Cutting the Blade

Cut the blade with an angle grinder

Step 4: Finishing the Blade

Finish the blade with a twin grinder

Step 5: Decorate the Knife

Decorate the knife

Step 6: Final Shape

The final shape of the knife

Step 7: Hardening and Tempering the Steel

Heat the metal to a medium-high orange heat, until the steel becomes non-magnetic. Just tap it against the magnet while it's glowing, and if it doesn't stick, it's ready, plunge it into the oil bath. After that, temper the knife in a preheated oven for 1 hour at 220 celsius

Step 8: Paracord Knife Wrap

Use a paracord for handle

Step 9: Acid Etch Metal



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    I'm just researching making my own set of knives. From what I've read I don't think that you should have started with 01 tool steel as it is very hard to heat treat properly. Did you have any problems with warping or cracking?

    ( your picture in step six looks much better that the final, might want to have that as your tittle image)

    o1 is one of the esyest of treat

    COOL ))) It looks like in CS GO thing :D