Survival/Bushcraft Axe


Introduction: Survival/Bushcraft Axe


Here you will see my second  selfmade Tool ! :D
sry my english is really bad ! 

thats the tools :

a metalsaw
a survival knive
a carabine
9 meters paracord
5/6 meters normal cord 
a axe

i hope you like it :D



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    The 'axe' looks like the top blade from a tree lopping tool. There is a hole where I imagine the lower blade was hinged. If it isn't as I have described, the top blade from a tree lopping tool would certainly do the job.

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    yes it is the top from a tree lopping tool :D
    i must only file a sharp end on it.

    The is very impressive! can you put what kind of axe you put?

    How did you make it? It looks cool but there are no instructions. What is the axe made from? This look like something I would want to make.