Step 1: Head Up

Ok so this is my first one so forgive me if its not all that good

Step 2: Get Your Knife

Now I did not hollow this knife myself i bought it this way but I still found it need a few extra things

Step 3: Gather Material

Now most of these things came with the knife but I have added a few things
Things you need
Strike strip
Fishing hook
Fishing line
Safety pins
And any thing else you need and can fit

Step 4: Fit It In

And then of course you have to make sure it fits in the knife
Are there knives like this but are sturdy?
<p>not a real survival knife.you can make something better for cheaper,a good survival knife should always be full tang(having the blade and handle one piece of steel)</p>
<p>Agreed. Full tang is a basic requirement.</p>
Horrible knife if u drop it it will probably shatter
COOL, but I found some one who made one like this before but COOL!
<p>Friend, use a normal fixed blade knife and carry the other stuff in your wallet / pockets. These &quot;survival&quot; knives will break the first chance they get!</p>
<p>Cheap knife bought at HF is hardly an instructable project.</p>
All this is is the 8$ harbor freight knife with the &quot;gathered materials&quot; it comes with... disappointed... waisted my time...
8$ at harbor freight
From the looks of it, it is from harbor freight, and should cost under $10 usd
Nice knife. Do you have any details about how much it cost or where you got it?

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