Introduction: Survive Summer Whit This 1$ Fan

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Its a very lame, stupid diy thing, but can save your life in this hot summer.

Step 1: You Need:

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Step 2: Put Them Together:

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Connect wires to the fan.
After that tape the battery on the cap or fix that in another way, without making ungly product.
Good luck

Step 3: Use:

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Aaand you can wear this cra"h"p looking face cooler, to survive hot times.

If you sneeze, you might have to have your eyes cut off your face.


Haha, I love this, and your writing is very funny!


tominjose (author)2014-08-04

lol! nice job:)

jdanielfy (author)tominjose2014-08-14

thanks haha:D

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