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As a person who lives in quite warm country (Israel) – when winter does eventually comes to our area, it comes tough. The infrastructures, and most importantly- the population aren't properly adapted to winter conditions, which almost always leads to some sort of winter-illness. In this intractable, which is also my first intractable- I'm going to share the knowledge I collected, researched- and of course tried in winter survival- so you could be just as fresh, and healthy in the winter as the rest of the year !
[  Constructive criticism, is always welcome :) ]

Step 1: Winter Symptoms - Runny Nose

During winter we expected to meet a variety of symptoms that, while might not be lethal, can really ruin your day. That's how we treat them :

Runny nose :
Maybe the most annoying winter symptom of all. Fortunately there's fairly good solutions available. Hereby presented the ultimate way to target the problem :   

A) Clean your Sinuses. If you never tried it, you should. the results are amazing; do this by follow
this inscrutable . I like to use needle-less large lab syringe to actively plush the salt-water in..
but however is more comfortable.. Just make sure afterwards to wipe your nose several of time
until it is perfectly dry..
Tho nevertheless a good practice- it's won't always suffice in our campaign against
the notorious Runny nose. Therefore, further (Simple this time!!) intervention is require ; 

B) Xylometazoline Hcl. The doomsday weapon for runny nose; safe and effective substance, to stop
your nose from dripping for at least 7 hours. you can find this active ingredient in various nasal spray
commercially available (such as: OTRIVIN DROPS) - always prefer the Dosing spray, I like the spray
with additional Menthol in it.. keeps things fresh!
>> Step A has been found to increase the efficiency of the spray, and general feeling afterwards
very dramatically.. Give it a try :]

<p>I love this Instructable, but I have to say, the cover photo really drew me in! <br>What a great shot!</p>
Rinsing your nose is fantastic, but the drips can be a pain in the butt. With your head in a normal position, tilt it all the way to the right and left, and then back a bit. Some of the saline will drain down the back of your throat, but almost all of the rest will come out of your nose if you then tilt your head forward over the sink. Give a good snort to get the rest out of your nose.

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