Picture of Survivel Tin
To ride ing around town on ur atv or truck to messing around at home a suvivel tin is just what u need
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
A small tin and a mean of fire is all u absolutely have but this is what I have in mine

Step 2: Be Creative

Trow in almost anything productive

Step 3: What I Have In My Kit

Flint and steel fishing gear and matches rope that's what I have in my kit so remember be creative and ill be make ing a survivel backpack so pay atention
Mattakers10 months ago
Ok this is a good start. In a survival situation the priorities are: first aid, water, shelter, fire, food and signaling. You need to cover all of those to have a good kit. For first aid, throw in some bandaids, alcohol prep pads, wound closure strips and sting relief pads. For water, get about 10 water purification tablets and a 1L stand up bag. For shelter, a garbage bag or a Mylar blanket would work well. You already have matches and a flint, but put in a lighter and some tinder. You have fishing equipment, but you don't have wire for snaring. About 10ft of snare wire would be a good addition. For signaling throw in a small signal mirror and a whistle. Also, exchange that rope for a good hank of paracord. Also get a small folding knife to put in the kit. Add what I have listed and this will be a great kit!
Kmasterofeverything (author) 10 months ago
Ok Matt
Mattakers10 months ago
Please fix all of the spelling mistakes and say what is in your kit.

Kmasterofeverything (author) 12 months ago
Hey plz comment no bad comments plz and I will put out more