Picture of Survivial Barbed Rope
I came up with this idea while I was working on my Wilderness Survival Merit badge at horseshoe bend in Texas. There was one requirement where you are suppose to "survive" one night outside with nothing but the clothes on your back and some water. To make it realistic, I made a mini barbed-wire layout so I have protection from medium sized animals. I call it barbed rope!

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Barbed part:
tooth picks
 paper clips

Rope part:
rope (not string. String is too weak.)
para-cord (stuffs amazing!)
plant roots ( gonna have to be pretty long)

If you know how to make string from long grass or plants, that works too! I think there is an 'ibles on that in the survival skills contest :)

spylock2 years ago
Well its interesting,never saw it done before,cool to know.When I camp where there are animals that can get nasty,I will sometimes use blackberry branches,they wont hold back a large critter,like a bear,but will buy me time to get to my weapon.Skunks are what really worry me,I got sprayed as a teen,and I dont care what one may use,one will smell somewhat the better of two weeks.Good job,cool to learn.
zazenergy3 years ago
Interesting project. I would recommend trying to take some clearer photos. Thanks for sharing!
mad doctor (author)  zazenergy3 years ago
cool. ummm... yea i ama gonna give that lame excuse that my phone sucks and not that i can't stay still :P