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Introduction: Survivial Barbed Rope

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I came up with this idea while I was working on my Wilderness Survival Merit badge at horseshoe bend in Texas. There was one requirement where you are suppose to "survive" one night outside with nothing but the clothes on your back and some water. To make it realistic, I made a mini barbed-wire layout so I have protection from medium sized animals. I call it barbed rope!

Step 1: Materials

Barbed part:
tooth picks
 paper clips

Rope part:
rope (not string. String is too weak.)
para-cord (stuffs amazing!)
plant roots ( gonna have to be pretty long)

If you know how to make string from long grass or plants, that works too! I think there is an 'ibles on that in the survival skills contest :)

Step 2: Rope

To make the "wire", use a rope like material.

Para-cord works best but i doubt you can find any out in the wild. Unless you pack some just in case :) Braid the para-cord so its thicker. That way it will hold the barbs better,

Rope!! NOT STRING. String will work, but is too weak!! If you have alot of string, make a rope by braiding.

Plant roots work, but long ones are hard to find. If you find skinny roots, braid them like rope to make a thicker,stronger rope.

Vines are like para-cord only more rigid. If the vine is DRY, make it wet when you finish the barbed rope so it's less likely to crack and split. This also makes it easier to work with because it bends better.

Step 3: Barbed Part

To make the pointy (barbed) part, I used twigs to poke through the rope. Sharpen both sides of the twigs by rubbing both sides on a rock. 1 inche should be long enough.

With paper clips, straighten them and break them in half. If you have a small one, keep the paper clip together. Bend the paper clip around the rope because they slip off real easily

Staples are harder to work with and smaller so the rope is going to be skinny but strong (para-cord). Also bend the staples so they hold on to the rope better.

tooth picks are already sharpened twigs so get a bunch of toothpicks and go to the next step

Step 4: Putting Them Together

Putting the 2 together makes it a barbed rope. Really simple. Poke one barb on one end of the rope.Leave enough room to tie the rope around a tree. then move about 6 inches and put another. Then another 6 inches and put another. Then keep on going till you reach the end. if you have left over barbs, put them in middle and places near the middle. 

When you are done, wrap the barbed rope around some trees or set up posts around where you are staying. Put them high enough so rabbits and squirrels won't steal your food. Make as many barbed ropes as you can and put them a few inches on top of each other so you have a barbed rope fence!

Step 5: Barbed Whip

Same idea as barbed rope, but you put all the barbs on one end of the rope instead of spread out over the rope. This works best with vine as it is more rigid. 

SAFETY: if you are going to make this, do realize that the barbs can seriously injure and kill so don't play around with it.
                 If you are using paper clips or staples, bend them when you poke them through the rope so they don't fly off when whipping.



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    Well its interesting,never saw it done before,cool to know.When I camp where there are animals that can get nasty,I will sometimes use blackberry branches,they wont hold back a large critter,like a bear,but will buy me time to get to my weapon.Skunks are what really worry me,I got sprayed as a teen,and I dont care what one may use,one will smell somewhat the better of two weeks.Good job,cool to learn.

    Interesting project. I would recommend trying to take some clearer photos. Thanks for sharing!

    1 reply

    cool. ummm... yea i ama gonna give that lame excuse that my phone sucks and not that i can't stay still :P