Every year I invite a group of friends over a few weeks before the holidays so we can have a nice dinner together before everything gets crazy with family & kids. I cook the main meal but my friends always bring over snacks and appetizers to nibble on before dinner. Usually this works well but this year two sets of people ended up bringing sushi trays. While we all love sushi it tends to not mix well with pastries and such so the next morning I ended up some leftover sushi in my fridge. The only thing I hate more than day old sushi is throwing away perfectly good food.  What can I do with a mixed plate of raw fish?? Then it hit me - Seafood Chowder!

Since this was a "freebie" I thought might as well experiment and try to use as much of what is on the trays as I could and see what I can come up with.

I hope you enjoy....

Step 1: Take Inventory...

First thing is to figure out what I had and what I would need..

I had 4 pieces of sashimi, soy sauce, wasabi paste & pickled ginger on one tray. On the other tray was some sliced octopus, a cooked shrimp, crab, glass noodles, seaweed, sliced cucumber & some fish eggs.

From my fridge I pulled out cream, sour cream, bacon, an onion & a lemon.

I think I can do this...
Now THIS is my style of cooking. GREAT job! I would say that I would try this the next time we have leftover sushi but so far that has never happened! We could eat our own weight in sushi and sushimi. But, I love the concept. Thanks so much for this idea.
intriguing! I am most definitely trying this.

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