Step 4: Assemble your sushi!

The Best Part! (besides sharing and eating them)
With all of your fruit and coconuts sit down and get creative!

1. Remove the cupcakes from their pan and also remove the other cake from the bread pan and slice into smaller rectangles.

1. Frost the cupcakes in the fluffy frosting and then either sprinkle or roll the cupcake into the coconut. Use the toasted coconut for some, and the regular for others.

2. Choose some little slices of fruit for the center of the sushi rolls, and larger pieces for the rectangle sushi cakes.  Press them atop the coconut.

3. For the rectangle sushi cakes; cut extra green cupcake liners into little strips or use other green paper and place around fruit. A touch of frosting can work like glue if it keeps falling off.

4. Take some frosting to the side and dye it lime green for the "Wasabi."

5. Melt some vegan chocolate in the microwave for 1-3 minutes so it looks like sweet soy sauce.

6. Some additional strawberry slices could be pickled ginger.

7. Make sure to carefully arrange your sushi cakes with chopsticks, sake, and so forth. Just like real sushi, these deserve attention to presentation. It will make them more authentic.

8. Share and devour! The first time I made them was for my boyfriend's birthday which was celebrated at a sushi restaurant. They were a hit!

Good luck baking and hope you enjoy them!