Picture of Sushi Cupcakes
Learn how to make realistic looking sushi cupcakes with mini cupcakes by following these simple instructions. Quicker and easier than you would expect!

Step 1:

Picture of

You will need:

Black fondant
Tea towel with square pattern
Gummy worms (multi-colored)
3/4 cup your favorite Buttercream icing
1 Tblsp Shortening
silpat mat (or non-stick surface for rolling fondant) -could use cutting board and grease with shortening

Non-stick cooking spray
Sushi Dish/tray
Chocolate cake mix

Sprinkles (pearlized jimmies)

pastry bag and icing tip (optional)
hand mixer (optional)
rolling pin
measuring cup
mixing bowl

Mini muffin tin
cutting board (not shown)



zamrin2 years ago
very creative!
khawkins12 years ago
This is all kinds of awesomeness! Very well done.
Very cool thanks for sharing :-)
Terricakes (author) 2 years ago
Thanks! They are pretty easy to make, as you can see...
rrkrose2 years ago
These are by far the best sushi cupcakes I have ever seen! The white sprinkles for rice are so cool.