Picture of Sushi (Nigiri) Costume with Headpiece
As a long-time lover of sushi, I decided it was high time I made a costume to celebrate this tasty food. I was inspired by some images I found online, but most of them were baby costumes and store bought. You will need very, very basic sewing skills to accomplish all the parts I made, but you can also tone it down depending on what you'd like to do.

You'll be making a fish for your back, and a small headpiece that can be bobby-pinned into the hair, or attached to a headband.

The goal of this costume was to make something simple and easily recognizable, and also comfortable and easily modified for changes in weather. Quite possibly the best part is that you can use the pieces as decor afterwards!

Please note that this is for nigiri sushi, not a sushi roll costume.
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Step 1: Obtain the Materials

Picture of Obtain the Materials
Ready-made Materials (hopefully you have some already)

-white clothing (aka the rice part of the sushi)- I used a white sundress and white sweater, but any all-white clothing will do
-chopsticks - I used these to stick in my bun as an extra accessory, but you could stick them in the belt of carry them around

Crafting Materials (to make the things you can't find elsewhere)
-black fabric (~ 1/2 yd) - look for something with a slight sheen and crumpled look, as this will be the seaweed
-salmon pink fabric (~ 1 yd) - for the fish/shrimp
-pillow stuffing - to stuff the fish
-1/2 in or 1 in white white ribbon (~ 4-5 ft) - you can always overlap if its too wide or not wide enough, but avoid ones with frilly edges
-pink gauzy fabric (~ 1/4 yd) - for the ginger
-bright green felt (1 sheet) - for the wasabi
-dark green felt (1 sheet) - for the decorative grass
-needle, thread, and straight pins (unless you like sewing without the pins)
kat and me5 months ago
Yaaaay I wanted to be sushi this year thanks so much :D
amandaheather (author) 3 years ago
I'm so glad you all liked it! Happy to share :) Hopefully I can post more costumes soon
eschuey3 years ago
Am in the process of making one! Wish me luck! My fish is an old red pillow case, lol. LOWWWW budget!
amandaheather (author)  eschuey3 years ago
I hope it turned out well! More importantly, I hope you had a good time making and wearing it!
britMonster3 years ago
You could probably also glue the felt if you didn't want to sew it. This is such a cute costume idea, I may just make a headband to wear around! Lol.
amandaheather (author)  britMonster3 years ago
You're probably right about gluing as a possibility, though you may need to use some clamps or hold it in place while it dries. I usually go with sewing for fabric in general since it seems to last longer. If you do decide to glue instead, I would suggest using hot glue. Haha, I love the idea of making the headband for everyday use!! I have my finished one around a small spherical lamp from IKEA. :)
rockerape3 years ago
you are about to be eaten. 8-)P
rhenry63 years ago
That's a lot of rice... Very niiice...
PennisFuxx3 years ago
I <3 this part the the wasabi idea!!!
NoFiller3 years ago
Great idea. Great instructable.
Eacon3 years ago
Very unique (I just hope nobody comes to the party as chopsticks!) ;)
The Wasabi/Ginger-headpiece sure is a nice deatil all sushi-fans will recognize!
That is awesome! Great costume idea!