Step 2: The Fish/Shrimp

1. Cut out 2 of the exact same fish shape out of the salmon pink fabric . I have attached a basic pattern (but it is just one I quickly sketched out and may not be quite symmetrical) so you can get an idea. The best way to do this is to sketch lightly on the inside of the fabric, cut one out, and then trace it for a second one. You can make these as big as you'd like, but keep in mind the finished product will be on your back, and you'll want to have the ability to sit down. Mine is roughly 2 feet in length.

2. On on of the pieces, glue or sew the white ribbon in 4 horizontal stripes across the body of the fish (see image). If you glued, wait for it to dry before continuing on.

3. Place the two fish shapes back to back (the fabric you want on the outside of the finished product should be facing each other), and use the straight pins to secure the two pieces together temporarily. Make sure your new stripes are facing inward .

4. Begin to sew the fish pieces together, removing straight pins as you go. When you have roughly 4-8 inches left to sew, remove all the straight pins and turn the fish inside out, so that the stripes are now on the outside.

5. Stuff the fish to capacity!

6. Complete the last few inches of sewing the fish together
<p>Really cute--it would also be fun to make the tail be big and ruffly so you could swish it around.</p><p>Well done!</p>
Yaaaay I wanted to be sushi this year thanks so much :D
I'm so glad you all liked it! Happy to share :) Hopefully I can post more costumes soon
Am in the process of making one! Wish me luck! My fish is an old red pillow case, lol. LOWWWW budget!
I hope it turned out well! More importantly, I hope you had a good time making and wearing it!
You could probably also glue the felt if you didn't want to sew it. This is such a cute costume idea, I may just make a headband to wear around! Lol.
You're probably right about gluing as a possibility, though you may need to use some clamps or hold it in place while it dries. I usually go with sewing for fabric in general since it seems to last longer. If you do decide to glue instead, I would suggest using hot glue. Haha, I love the idea of making the headband for everyday use!! I have my finished one around a small spherical lamp from IKEA. :)
you are about to be eaten. 8-)P
That's a lot of rice... Very niiice...
I &lt;3 this part the most...love the wasabi idea!!!
Great idea. Great instructable.
Very unique (I just hope nobody comes to the party as chopsticks!) ;) <br>The Wasabi/Ginger-headpiece sure is a nice deatil all sushi-fans will recognize!
That is awesome! Great costume idea!

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