I made this pillow for my little sister a few Christmases ago and after posting the photos on instructables I had a lot of requests for instructions. I made another pillow as a gift for the holiday this year, so here is the fully documented step-by-step!

This pillow can be easily customized for your recipient. I was unsure of my gift reciever's favorite sushi, so I stuck with the standards--cucumber, salmon, tuna, and avocado.

Step 1: Materials

I made my first sushi pillow with a mixture of flannel and felt. I highly suggest using flannel for the dark green, pinks, and red, and using felt for the white, orange, and light green. The second pillow I made was using all flannel, and I had a lot of issues with the white flannel--the felt held its shape so much better and was easier to hand-sew without it looking terrible. The flannel also had the tendency to fray like crazy and pull out of its stitches. The instruction photographs use all flannel, so just keep in mind that you can mix. My recommendations for the fabrics I think work best after making my two pillows are noted in the materials list.

- Sewing Machine
- Pins
- Tape Measure
- Scissors

- Old pillows or stuffed animals to harvest for their stuffing innards
- 1 yard white felt
- 1 yard dark green flannel (you can use 1/2 yard if you are cheap like I am. You will just have to sew an extra bit onto the end of another piece to reach the length for the outside ring of the pillow.)
- 1/2 yard dark pink flannel
- 1/2 yard red flannel
- 2 sheets orange felt
- 3 sheets light green felt
Hey Emily, Do the pieces fall out much? Would it be easier, if you wanted to, to sew them in? Love the idea!!!!
Thanks! I have never had a problem with the pieces falling out--you have to sort of shove the pieces into the center, so all the stuffing keeps each piece in place.
<p>lol.. shove it down the sushis throught! XD</p>
Proof that this is an amazing creation: even the cat likes it.
<p>so true!</p>
<p>lol! i like the cat sushie part! XD can you make me one?</p>
Soo cute! Make more crafts, keep up the good stuff!
I did somthing very recently and very similiar to this. I took brown fleecy material and white material and pink material and sewed them all together for my friend. Now we are going to do a diffrent sushi related thing for our b-days.
THIS IS SOOOO CUTE!!! Thanks for sharing! :)
Yay! I'm so happy you posted the step by step for this. :)
Thanks! I hope that one day there is a whole little family of sushi pillow look-a-likes all over the world.
yay!!! thanks soooooooooooooooooooooo much !
Such a beautiful creative idea! I love it with all those little pieces in it! It really makes it great, and I love that they come out!
Thank you! The little pieces are really fun.

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