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Introduction: Sushi Pillow

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I made this sushi pillow for my little sister for Chirstmas one year. I've seen sushi pillows all over the internet, but they are mostly circle pillows with the sushi ingredients printed on the fabric. I wanted to make one with a variety of removable ingredients so that my sister could "customize" her sushi roll!

The main pillow is a big donut shape, so the pieces go all the way through and can be seen on either side of the pillow.

The pillow is made of flannel and felt, and it has tuna, salmon, cucumber, carrot, and avocado pieces.

UPDATE: I have posted the full step-by-step instructions for the Sushi Pillow here:



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    ADORIBLE! Could you teach us how??

    So cute!

    Do you actually plan on putting a pattern up for this?

    2 replies

    Here is a link to the full step-by-step:

    Yes, I will be putting up a full instructable sometime before January as I will be making another one of these pillows for Christmas this year!

    my friend would love this, please put up the pattern! thanks :)

    BTW: Message me when you have the pattern. PLEASE!

    I NEED THIS! Upload a Instructable AS SOON AS YOU CAN! I love this so much! Great imagination!

    so cute, !
    i have a friend who would adore this.
    do you think you could message me when you post the instructions up?

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    aw. gotta have pro membership to print pdf =(

    this would be so cute in my dorm! i can't wait to see instructions! (:

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    Thanks! The instructions should be up soon; I'm almost finished sewing everything up. I will send you a message when the project is posted so you don't miss it.

    OHMYGOSH!!!! This is soo... cute! Can you load the instructions?

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    Thank you! I really was never planning on making more sushi pillows (this one was made over a year ago), but because so many people have requested a pattern, I will be making another one of these and posting a full step-by-step instructable for the project. I will let you know when I post it!

    Thats going to be awesome! Thanks! :)

    That would be great! :-)

    OMG IN LOVE!! i want to make one

    Fantastic cant wait for the pattern