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Sushi for kids, is a 3 part process for kids to learn to love sushi! We have 3 types of sushi like things that kids will love and intoduce them to sushi. The 3 levels are, the Breakfast sushi, then this the BLT sushi, and then the final level the Chicken nugget sushi. Sushi for kids is for kids to eat!! 

Step 1: Food Stuffs Needed

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For creating this snack/meal you will need:
Cooked bacon
Chipotle Mayo

Step 2: Cutting Tomatoes

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Cut the tomatoes using a sharp knife and with adult supervision. Cut the tomatoes into many slices, and punch out the centers. Then cut up the tomato slices.

Step 3: Prepairing the Wrap

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Lay out the tortillas and place a leaf of lettuce  on each

Step 4: Spreanding Ingreadients

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Break up the cooked bacon into bits and sprinkle them onto tortilla and lettuce. Then sprinkle on the cut up tomatoes. If you want to add the mayo, add it on top of the tomato bits.

Step 5: Rolling

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Roll up the tortilla and cut it up into 2 inch slices. Then enjoy!


homerlovermom (author)2013-06-10

Bad ass I'm so making this for my preschool class

hellopicturesgov (author)2013-06-10

This is great! So smart. I would love to know about the breakfast one!

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