Knex Suspension Buggy




Introduction: Knex Suspension Buggy

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Step 1: Pic 2

Step 2: End of Photo's

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Step 3: Upgrades



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    sorry mr. know it all but this was my first instructables i like i do not care what you think but it is good enouh to look at deal with it.

    First of all, I never said your truck was bad. I actually would like to build it which is why I clicked on this in the first place. The reason I posted that comment was because I was mad that all you did was post different views for the steps. Like I said that should be a slide show. I rated it 5* cause the truck looks good but the next person to come along that wants to build it and realizes its just photos of the different views might not be so generous and will probably give it a 0.5*. I'm just trying to help you so that way your stuff doesn't get bad ratings, thats all. Now will you please post step by step how to build this. :)

    sorry but do you wanted me to post the upgraded version if you do i will post it. or if you want me to post the old version i can do that to.

    Post the older version cause I don't have the engine. lol But what you could do is before you post the older version, on that same instructable post another step that shows how to upgrade it.

    okay but the new version does not have the engine but i will post the older version without the motor

    plez give me untill sunday night it will be done. there are a couple different thing on it that i can't change but i will post the old version with some different. the top of the suspension looks a little different becasue i wanted it to look cool. on the body it use's blue triagles i did not know if you had any so if you don't just put blue rods in the triagles spot. but it will be post on sunday. the instructable will be called "knex suspension buggy instructions" i am putting it on this one but i am going to change the name so go into my profile and you can just click on it in my profie. bu overall not much has changed on it but the suspension just got changed a littke bit different from what it was so it might be on wensday if i start today so it will be on by sunday maybe on wensday if you got questions just leave a comment and i will answer it for you.

    sorry there was been a delay so i am going to get it on by today i hope but there has been a delay so i don't know if i can get it posted by sunday . just letting you know that it might be on a little bit later than planed so you don't get mad i am just telling you that it might be on alittle late just letting you know what is going on with the instructions. optional: do you have a facebook.

    I understand that its delayed. Are you from the United States? The reason I ask is because you kinda run your sentences toghether. lol

    sorry about the run on sentences. and yes i am from the united states. and have you subsriced yet if you haven't you might want to.

    have you took a look at my knex dune buggy and could you leave a link for makeing slide show for my instructables becasue i don't know how to make a slide show.

    I have seen your dune buggy, it's pretty cool. And here is the link for the slideshow. Copy and paste this into your address bar and keep going down till you see, "submit new slide show". Hope this helps.

    not to be mean but bro listen... u can do better than this. u dont need an ible, use your creative mind.