Introduction: Suspension Light

Crafts are always cheap and much more meaningful gift than a new one you buy at shop.

To continue the series of LIGHT,

Today our team will show you a way to make a Pentagons Suspension light

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

Hard cover (mica)

Model paper

Led system (color - optional) - decorative lights

Power source (12V)

Pen, Utility knife & Ruler

Step 2: Make Shape: Pentagon - Bolder

Picture of Make Shape: Pentagon - Bolder

Use model paper, make pentagon bolders for lamp

Devide the paper into 5 equal parts and mark it

Measure and lightly softly cut the marked

Dont sever the paper, just get the sticky (cut 1/3 paper's thickness)

After cutting, fold it

Devide the wide into 14 equal parts and mark them
Cut them Make 14 pantagons

Step 3: Lamp's Cover

Picture of Lamp's Cover

Put pentago on hard cover and draw

Then cut the drawing

Stick by glue Cut the redundant

Step 4: LED's Holder - Lamp's Body

Step 5: Body's Cover

overlap other pentangoes together and stick them by glue

Step 6: Reassemble

Picture of Reassemble

Step 7:

Picture of


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dev.xz (author)2015-04-21

Like disco light hahahaa

I will vote for you. Great works, update so oftenly


TrầnB (author)2015-04-19

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