Publish Your Ideas and Thoughts about Sustainable Living

Step 1:

Have you not yet gone 100% digital? Do you still like hard copy and the smell and feel of paper? The sharp line of a helvetica print? Then this project is for you.
its like burning man... but in a book!
OH I just love this. I have been told for more than a year now (since I started the going green thing) that I should publish I book. I just might have to do that. This is WONDERFUL! DD Do yourself, your children and your environment a favor...recycle, upcycle and FREECYCLE!
Lovely!!! ahh the days of Captain Kangaroo- sigh
yes! it was a more innocent time
I'm not entirely sure how to follow the directions, for your instructable, but I have used a mashed potato/spinach casserole recipe from "The More With Less" cook book., for years. It's a keeper. You may want to try it :0)

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