Flowalistik, a young Argentinian designer well known for his low poly 3D printable designs, was part of le FabShop's Artist in residence program from October 2015 to January 2016. During his three months at our FabClub in Paris, he learned a new tool: the laser cutter!

As a final project for his residence, he teamed up with graphic designer Alba Castellano to create a collection of cardboard hunting trophies using 123D MAKE and our Trotec Speedy 300.

Vector files in EPS format are provided to build your own trophy using 3mm or 6mm cardboard.

The patterns designed by Alba are on a separate file and have to be used using a low power cut profile for optimal speed.

Parts can be assembled with or without glue.

The sculpture can be fixed to the wall using double face tape or with a nail using the triangle shape at the back of the trophy.


Discover more awesome projects by the same designer here : http://www.flowalistik.com/

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