Picture of Sustainable Urban Food Production System
"Reclaim the curb, Grow some erb!"

During my final year of Industrial Design at RMIT I focused on creating sustainable systems for growing food which might restructure our urban environments to incorporate food production into the heart of the city.

I have created a connecting device which encourages and facilitates the recycling of disregarded plastic bottles to be turned  into a practice, desirable and sustainable self watering planting systems which I want to share with you! Through a process of refining several iterations of the product I was able to create an intelligently designed connector which fully utilize the potential of 3D printing technology.

This 3D printed connector enables plastic bottles (with the standard size coke thread) to be attached together to form a hydroponic, self watering planter. The 3D part has been designed with the thread included, so is fully functional as soon as its done printing. There have been several holes made to allow the planters to be ad-heard or suspended in various ways.    

I have set out to 3d print a revolution in urban food production, and I need your help to do it!

"Maintaining a project which had the community as its prime focus was an important factor in the creation of my Major Project. I decided to concentrate on designing and developing solutions that the Open Source community could benefit from and spread, as these people are the early adopters who are most likely going to have access to the 3D Printing technology needed to spread my innovative ideas into the public domain. As the Internet is becoming one of the most powerful tools in the pursuit of activating and perpetuating the positive changes needed to restructure human behaviours for a constructive future, I see the importance of utilising this platform to reach the largest amount of people – a global audience."

I encourage you people to print out the design, rummage through your recycling and get planting. My projects slogan is "Reclaim the curb, Grow some erb!" so I want you to bomb the streets so everyone can enjoy! 
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Drakekay1 year ago
is that a telephone/electric pole? You might want to check with the city, that might be a hazard.
Can this be made without a 3D printer?
zac beal (author)  BUCKEYEGIRL141 year ago
its can, but you will need to print off a first copy, then make a mold from silicon and cast the parts in resin
wold6301 year ago
This is an awesome idea. I would love to see these things around. Have you looked into Kickstarter for funding?

Is the hope that rain will just keep the bottom container full of water after seeping through the soil in the top container so no watering is necessary?
zac beal (author)  wold6301 year ago
gday, yea i will try and get a project set up though kickstarter, but as im not from the US or UK im not sure if you can put up projects??
Rain does pass though the soil and fills up the water container through the winter, but as im in Australia the water containers need manual watering throughout the summer.
Try putting small holes at the top of the bottom bottle or near the bottom of the top bottle-they shouldn't affect the automatic watering but would allow for overflow when/where there's a chance of too much rain. If you don't make the holes too large there shouldn't be too much evaporation either-maybe an 1/8 of an inch might be good. I lost too many plants to over watering when there was rain so I almost always add overflow holes to anything other than conventional planters. I'm in a usually rather cold/wet region of the US so rain is a problem.
turbonegro1 year ago
Good idea
Had something similar in mind for my terrariums (i breed chameleons)
But the plants tend to be troublesome
Will try this method
zac beal (author)  turbonegro1 year ago
great! i hope it works out, do the chameleons eat the plants?? Chameleons are so cool!
scoochmaroo2 years ago
This is awesome. I'd love to see more of this around! Of course, I wouldn't want to eat anything grown near the streets where I live, but then, I should probably move out of the city.
zac beal (author)  scoochmaroo2 years ago
no, the city is where we need to be!!
ishamsul2 years ago
Congratulations on the first instructable! it looks great! I hope this catches on and people jump on board to help it grow!
zac beal (author)  ishamsul2 years ago