I saw a pair of earrings on  the website www.unoallavolta.com called Swarovski Crystal Rainbow Earrings. The retail price was $48 marked down from $98. I saw how simple they were, and set out to make a pair for myself. They are very light, and sparkle nicely. They would make a perfect gift. This is my first Instructable. If you like this, please vote.

Step 1: Tools You Will Need:

Round Nose Pliers
End Cutting Nippers
Flat Nose Pliers

I think you meant to attach some of your pictures to your other steps. At the moment, they're all on the Intro in "slideshow" format.
Thank you. You are quite right, but I couldn't figure out how to do it. Advice is welcome.
Im just at the beginning of starting out wanting to make earrings . Im at home alone and my husband is gone all day. Please tell me where to start and a website to go to. I need a venue to make money. I wish I knew someone who would let me market ther earrings too. Any ideas from you would be great. I love your work. Sincerely Teresa Turnipseed
Teresa, I just private messaged you a long-winded reply that I thought was too long to post here. Basically, it was go to a bead store that would help teach you how to put something together at the store with their tools. Buy the fewest basic tools, and maybe a beginners beading magazine or book. Wear you own stuff and make some for family & friends. Ask a store to sell your stuff, and offer them a healthy cut, for their overhead. Check out Etsy & Ebay. Ask questions! Thank you so much for the positive feedback. I hope my experience can benefit you somehow. Good Luck!
When you view the I'ble, you 'll see a box labelled &quot;Author Options,&quot; where you can choose to <b>Edit</b>. <br><br>At each step, just add images from your library. You can put the same image on multiple steps, and you can add little popup boxes (look at the <b>Image Notes</b> link).<br><br>You can also go back to the Intro, and remove images you don't want to have there. They'll still be in your library, just not on that step.
Thank you so much for your help. It wasn't immediately clear to me what I was doing wrong. Thanks for getting me on the right track. :)
You're quite welcome! Great that you've found such a lovely project to put up as your first I'ble :-)

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