Introduction: SwashBot Build Video

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Overview of how to build a swashbot

Come see all 3 swashbots at RoboGames ( June 13-15 in San Francisco!


tranoxx (author)2009-09-07

Where do you sudgest getting the receiver packs?

turtleshane (author)2008-07-27

congrats on the gold medal at robogames.

Inmor (author)turtleshane2009-05-05


Pyroelectrocutionist (author)2008-08-27

how much did the whole thing cost?

agdollison (author)2008-05-30

Hey you know that led piece that works when the bot moves i found something like that in my zip zap se model that turns on the led when the car moves forward and back.

canida (author)2008-05-30

Sweet! Looks fantastic.

Deltaforce2555 (author)2008-05-30

Thank you so much for this video. I have wanted to do this for a while now.

Bongmaster (author)2008-05-30

looks awesome :) tho i have to watch the vids later :D

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