My kids love playing with their little toy kitchen and have some fake food to go with it.  Most of it is plastic.

I had some scraps of felted sweaters left over from some other projects, and I figured I should start making them some softer play food.

You will need:

some kind of felt
foam or other stuffing

Step 1: Make the Filling

I had some scraps of foam from another project, so I used one to cut a wedge shape for the piece of pie.

I wrapped the orange felt around the wedge, making sure it covered the sides and the top of the wedge.  I trimmed them, leaving a little excess to make sure no foam would show through after the crust was attached.

I stitched the point of the wedge, then turned the felt right side out and sewed it to the foam.
Great Idea - so cute!<br>
Excuse me, waiter? There's lint on my pie.<br /><br />This would look fun on my desk!
Love it!!
Cute, great idea for kids.
Holy crumbcakes...that is too cute. I love this craft!
That is so cute! I always wanted fake food when I was younger! What a great way to make it. The whipped topping is so adorable!

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