Picture of Sweater vest
This is a step by step on how to make a men's sweater in to a trendy sweater vest for Young women!
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Step 1: Cut off sleeves

Picture of Cut off sleeves
First you need to cut off the sleeves directly after the seam.

Step 2: Trim and Pin

Picture of Trim and Pin
Next, turn the shirt inside-out. Then, if necessary, you need to cut off any excess fabric up near the shoulders to make it the right fit for a girl. After that pin the sides for a guide when you sew them. You can try it on and see how much you need to take in the sweater and then pin it in place.

Step 3: Sew sides

Picture of Sew sides
Next you need to sew the sides that you pinned, and cut off any excess fabric.

Step 4: Cut down middle and pin

Picture of Cut down middle and pin
Now in order to make it a cardigan, you have to cut directly down the center of the front. Then fold over the sides twice, pin, and sew the seam. Make sure you fold the seam so you wont see it, on the opposite side you will wear it.

Step 5: Fold and pin sleeves

Picture of Fold and pin sleeves
Fold over the sleeves twice, pin and then sew them.

Step 6: Set and sew buttons

Picture of Set and sew buttons
Turn the vest right-side in again. Find out how you want to space your buttons, and then sew them on.

Step 7: Make button holes

Picture of Make button holes
Next you will need to make the button holes on the opposite side of where you placed your buttons. Many sewing machines have button whole settings, but I find it just as easy to do it with scissors a needle and thread. You first take you scissors and poke them through the fabric.

Step 8: Size hole

Picture of Size hole
Push the button through the hole you just made to make sure it fits.

Step 9: Sew button hole

Picture of Sew button hole
Next you need to sew around the hole so it wont fray. To do this you need to do an oversewing stitch, which basically goes through the fabric and instead of going back though you go around the edge to hold the fabric, and then back though the place you started. if you don't understand you can look it up.

Step 10: Finished Button Hole

Picture of Finished Button Hole
This is what your button hole should look like when you're finished.

Step 11: Finished Cardigan Vest

Picture of Finished Cardigan Vest
This the finshed product..... so cute.

Step 12: Cardigan Vest On

Picture of Cardigan Vest On
Here is what it looks like on!
Yeah that would be nice to see someone wearing it buttoned and with a t-shirt not button (for casual)
duck-lemon6 years ago
Haha cool but can there be a picture of someone wearing it?
Leahgurl18 (author)  duck-lemon6 years ago
Yeah sure can, i just posted a pic of me wearing it!
or even just Stephen Harper photoshopped into that last pic?