Sweatshirt Jacket

Picture of Sweatshirt Jacket

this jacket can be made from old sweatshirts that need a new life

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Step 1: Recycle and keep warm

Picture of recycle and keep warm
Use two sweatshirts of the same size

Step 2: Cut the sweatshirts down the front center

Picture of cut the sweatshirts down the front center

Step 3: Place the sweatshirts right sides together

Picture of place the sweatshirts right sides together
step 3(800x600) 157 KB
step 3(800x600) 157 KB
step 3(800x600) 157 KB
step 3(800x600) 157 KB

Step 4: Pin edges and sew leaving neck open

Picture of pin edges and sew leaving neck open
turn the jacket to the right side and topstitch edges
you can sew the neck closed at this time
step 4(800x600) 136 KB

Step 5: Embellish

Picture of Embellish
You can embellish anyway you choose.I chose to use chalk to create a quilt pattern
 It may be easier to ad patches etc before  you sew the sweatshirts together

Step 6: Finishing

Picture of Finishing
I followed the chalk lines using white thread on the navy side and and in the bobbin I used navy.
The pattern is easy and the jacket is very warm when you turn down the heat in the house a degree or two to save energy
OnTheRange1 year ago
it'd be cool to do a peacoat version. ya know a double-breasted sweater. two rows of buttons.
CapnTac3 years ago
I'm thinking buttons down the front instead of a zipper.
SeamusDubh4 years ago
How 'bout a zipper too.
mahoney (author)  SeamusDubh4 years ago
thought I would keep it really simple
NO! Velcro is sooo 80's use magnets instead!

You'll have to un-sew (new word?) the front opening edges and sew them inbetween the two layers. Simple and clean!
 whoa.... awesome!
jrv4114 years ago
 wow! very cool, in a warm way, huh? a zipper would also be a nice feature.

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