Picture of Sweatshirt Jacket

this jacket can be made from old sweatshirts that need a new life

Step 1: Recycle and keep warm

Picture of recycle and keep warm
Use two sweatshirts of the same size
OnTheRange3 years ago
it'd be cool to do a peacoat version. ya know a double-breasted sweater. two rows of buttons.
CapnTac4 years ago
I'm thinking buttons down the front instead of a zipper.
SeamusDubh5 years ago
How 'bout a zipper too.
mahoney (author)  SeamusDubh5 years ago
thought I would keep it really simple
NO! Velcro is sooo 80's use magnets instead!

You'll have to un-sew (new word?) the front opening edges and sew them inbetween the two layers. Simple and clean!
 whoa.... awesome!
jrv4115 years ago
 wow! very cool, in a warm way, huh? a zipper would also be a nice feature.