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Introduction: Swedish Chef With an Instructables Twist | Instruct-a-Muppet

My group of friends decided to go as the Muppets for Halloween this year and the costumes were really fun to put together. I was given the role of the Swedish Chef, which was incredibly lucky as I already had a chef hat, bow tie, and my super awesome Instructables apron! The apron came in a prize pack for another Instructable I made, so this really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Apart from these basic props, I needed to Swedish my costume up by adding some of that famous facial hair and bushy eyebrows. A fuzzy scarf (more like a stuffed animal in the shape of a scarf?) was just the thing! See below for extra details on creating this Instruct-a-Muppet.

Step 1: Gather Your Props

Depending on what you have already, you might have to make more pieces. I had been given a chef hat last Christmas and no Swedish Chef costume should be without this key prop. You could have a lot of fun making this! Simple paper wrapped around your head with a plastic bag for a plume and you'd be in business.

Step 2: Pin the Eyebrows

Sometimes facial hair adds a ton of personality to the character, but it's impractical to really wear it, especially for a whole evening. I got around this by pinning the bushy eyebrows to the brim of the hat (overhanging them a bit so they look like they are sitting on my forehead, somewhat). I used safety pins first and straight pins the second time. Safety pins are, well, safer :-P

Constructing the eyebrows was easy with the right material. This all came from a fuzzy scarf at a thrift store and the mustache matches. I trimmed them into the general shape I wanted and took the fuzz level down a bit.

Step 3: Photobooth-esque Mustache

The mustache adds a lot of this character but breathing, drinking, eating, and talking would all be difficult with this strapped to my face. I decided to go the photobooth prop route and put it on a stick. With the limited tools I had, I put a wooden infuser stick into a wine cork for cross support and then used some red tape to hold the fuzzy material in place underneath. Worked like a charm and was solidly in place all evening. When I wanted to pose or be fully in character I could take it out of my apron pocket (convenient!) but the rest of the evening I wasn't inhibited.

In a related story, Miss Piggy had a hard time coping with her snout. Nose-related props are difficult! Take some dedication, I tell ya.

Step 4: Hang Out Muppets Style

I ran around with my Muppet gang and had a great time! A Where's Waldo at the party we were at tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to stir a giant pot of tomato soup. At first, I wondered why he picked me and then I realized I showed up to the party with wooden spoon, whisk, and apron. Good call, Waldo - and thanks for the delicious soup.



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    I love the Muppets...every costume so very clever and original! Homemade costumes are the best. :-)

    Ah durnke burke ta yrh, du!

    ah yur puurt thuurr insstruuctale aprun un ahn stuur de soop

    Har har har! Yarh, deets da vay edth teends ta verhrk.

    this was my Halloween costume


    Børg børg!

    Førk førk byørk!