I have been playing about with making cordials (Infused Vodka) for a while now. I have had some successes (Really good ones) and some not so good ones. This is one of the not so good ones.
I hate Swedish Fish. Really really hate them. Rather lick a hedgehog than eat a Swedish Fish...But I have a friend who is nuts about them. In honor of her (Her name is Gazelle), I made the Gazelle Swedish Fish Cordial. This was inspired by the "Shoot The Rainbow" instructable-Which actually tastes good. 
If you know someone who loves these candy nightmares, make them a bottle. They may think you are the coolest.
Or they might curse you to your grave for having concocted such a nightmare.
First up...The stuff you need.

Step 1: The Nightmare Begins. Here's the Stuff.

 First you need a bag of the little red fruity fish of satan.
Then a 1 quart jar (With lid)
Two cups of cheap vodka
A strainer
Coffee Filters
A large bowl or pitcher
A bottle that can be sealed.

You will need all of this eventually. Right away, you need the vodka, a jar and the fish.
Do I really need to mention that everything should be clean?
Maybe you could use the leftover bits as fishing lures.<br />
they are waaaayyy too soft for that lol. im making some now. filtering proccess is slow as hell though.
Honestly, I hate the majority of gummy candy, including swedish fish. Peach rings are damn good. That might make a great cordial.
I am curious to know what it tastes like, since I am in the process of making cordials myself. and I enjoy Swedish fish. however your review of it makes me wary.... but yes, it does look pretty :)
Gazelle (My friend who adores Swedish fish) loved it! She said that it tasted exactly like Swedish Fish and then made me give her the recipe. <br>Give it a shot! I think you will be pleased!
Aww, I'm sorry you don't like Swedish Fish, but I LOVE them so I'm glad you posted this! Thankyouthankyouthankyou. I'm gonna try it asap. maybe tonight!
Let me know how it turns out for you!
Some I have tried:<br /> Gummy bears = failed (they didnt have enough flavor to transfer into the vodka)<br /> those sour/sweet tangerine gummies = worked great!<br /> Mango Fruit (fresh of course) = awesome<br /> Peaches (picked from the tree) = awesome<br /> <br /> To try:<br /> peach O' Rings<br /> as stated before twizzlers<br /> canned peaches (for comparison)<br /> Red Hots<br /> <br />
&nbsp;Ooh...The peach O rings...I do like those! I'll try that.<br /> I have had success with Cranberries, apples and spice, pear and spice, bananas, chai tea (And several other teas as well)...But I need to try the peach rings!<br /> Good thinking!
&nbsp;Well...The official review is in! Gazelle loved it! So, Swedish Fish fans- This is your drink!&nbsp;
I love that you posted the Instructable even though you hate Swedish Fish.&nbsp; I&nbsp;like them but might try this with something like Twizzlers or Nibs.&nbsp; Mmm.&nbsp; <br />
&nbsp;Thanks! I figured out that someone might enjoy it even if I didn't.&nbsp;<br /> Twizzlers sounds kinda good! Let me know how it turns out!
&nbsp;How sweet did it turn out? I might drink vodka this way if it's a little sweeter than normal. :P
&nbsp;It is much sweeter than plain vodka. Most cordials have added sugar syrup but since the infusion was with actual candy, it wasn't necessary. This stuff tastes like the candy.<br /> I'll be putting up some of the other cordials I have made very soon. Ones I actually like. The process is really simple but the variety is endless.
&nbsp;And this is my first instructable...Please comment so I can make better ones in the future!<br /> Thanks!!

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