This Pi Day make yourself a pie you can enjoy for weeks! I know it sounds too good to be true, but this eco-friendly little project is sure to satisfy any pie craving.

To make this recycled candle, you will need:
+ Candle stubs
+ A wick (I love wooden wicks, they make such a nice warm crackling sound)
+ A small glass jar, 4 oz. is a good size
+ Two glass jars you don't mind getting waxy
+ A serrated knife
+ A small sauce pot

Step 1: Chopping and Melting.

To get started, hunt around your house for some candle stubs. Choose one color of candle to form the crust (I chose a mixture of mango-colored and tan-colored candle stubs) and another color to form the pie filling. Be creative! You can use red wax to simulate cherry, purple for mulberry, blue for blueberry, etc.

Chop up your pie crust wax and add the chunks to a small mason jar. (A quick note about using your kitchen knives: your knife will get WAXY! To remove the wax you'll need to dip the knife in a pot of boiling water for a bit. Because of this it's a good idea to get a cheap knife from a thrift shop and have it be your designated craft knife). Fill your sauce pot about halfway and bring the water to a boil, then reduce to half-way. Gently set the wax-filled jar in the pot, and stir the wax chunks as they melt down. Use your knife to cut down large chunks to speed up the melting process. Once the wax is completely melted, remove the jar from the sauce pot.
cue song Sweet Cherry Pie by Warrant, lol <br> <br>but seriously, i might make my mum one of these for mothers day
Cute candle! Also, I've never seen a wooden wick before, it sounds cool :)
Thank you! I ordered these wicks from etsy, there are a ton of different kinds to choose from. I highly recommend trying them! It's like listening to a tiny bonfire.

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